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Maiden Marine Surveys (MMS) provides Port Captain Services and Cargo Surveys being on guard of the customers’ interests, saving their time and money. MMS offers supervision of the proper cargo stowage,  separation and lashing. This kind of marine superintendent services guarantees safe cargo operations as well as ensures safe navigation and delivery of cargo to the port of destination.

Onboard the vessel Port Captain and Cargo Survey Professional surveyor is able to perform a number of marine surveying services. If necessary, marine surveying services reports, supplied with detailed comments, advice and imagery can be issued on a daily basis to reflect the real state of matters on board the ship.

With our extensive cargo-related expertise, Clients can rest assured that our appointed specialists will assist and provide them with round the clock monitoring for:​

  • Pre-loading inspection of cargo-holds/cargo-tanks
  • Cargo loading/unloading operations
  • Vetting & guidance on the vessel’s stowage and stability plans
  • Inspection of vessel cargo-related equipment
  • Technical advice on cargo-related issues

A full supercargo services report contains the following documents:

  • final cargo plan;
  • stowage plan with photos of loaded cargo per holds;
  • hatch list with separation of the cargo per lots;
  • recommendations as to speed up of process in the port of discharge.

Our Port Captain Services and Cargo Surveys Service is an economical service that providing a crucial link between the vessel operation and your vessel operator. The information is available almost instantly, allowing you to change procedures during operation. Daily reports and photos with competent comments and advice will show you a real-time situation on board the ship. Having an on-scene representative to coordinate and supervise your vessels in port operations will greatly improve performance, reliability and translate into overall savings. The primary duties and responsibilities of our Port Captain are to protect our clients´ interests, avoiding against extra expenses, but assist in assuring safe, positive, expeditious results.

Maiden Marine Surveys is based in Rotterdam, the Maritime Capital of Europe.

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