Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tightness Test

Classification societies agreed in 2001 that ultrasonic testing, when carried out with class type-approved equipment and qualified operators, was acceptable as an alternative method to hose testing for determining the weathertight integrity of hatch covers for class and statutory inspections. IACS developed standards and criteria under IACS UR Z17 for firms engaged in ultrasonic testing. This was necessary to ensure that surveyors checking hatch covers for class and statutory purposes were familiar with the theory of ultrasound and had practical testing experience and basic knowledge of hatch-cover design, maintenance and repairs. Calibrated and classification society type-approved equipment should always be used so that repeatability of test results is guaranteed. We provide Internal Audit services for Ship Management Companies / Owners. We have qualified ISM, ISPS & MLC Auditors who will follow the required code and your management procedures to minimize your expert employment charges as well as your travelling expenses.

SDT Hatchecker Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Testing

We use the latest model of SDT HATChecker Ultrasonic hatch cover testing device which is always kept calibrated and ready for use and always operated by a certified Ultrasonic equipment operator. We provide a standard Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Test Report in a format acceptable by the P&I clubs, Classification Societies and Flag States.

The use of ultrasonic testing equipment has other benefits, including the following.

  • Ultrasonic testing is a reliable and non-destructive testing method, which gives an indication of the compression status of the sealing system.
  • Ultrasonic testing allows easy detection with pinpoint accuracy of damaged areas or areas where lack of compression exists. This significantly reduces the time needed to identify potential leaks.
  • Once the correct location of the leak is known, the correct repair method can be determined and, as small and local damages can easily be identified; unnecessary extensive repairs can be avoided. Repeated testing can be used to check the effectiveness of the repairs.
  • Ultrasonic testing is a ‘dry’ testing method without the risk of damaging water sensitive cargo or causing pollution of the dock, river or sea water.
    Ultrasonic testing is a quick and easy means of testing, and no assistance from the ship’s crew is required other than for supervision and safety.
  • There is the possibility to produce a download of test results, which provides ship operators with a detailed test report.
  • Ultrasonic testing equipment can be used in loaded or empty holds, which in certain cases allows repairs to covers during loading and checking of repairs during or after the loading period, but prior to going to sea.

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